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About Your Puppy


Our puppies are born in a whelping box (giant dog bed with higher walls for giving birth) in my bedroom, next to my bed, so that I can comfort our mama dogs,  and watch over the pups. They are almost always born at 3 in the morning. 

The average English Cream litter consists of 8 pups, but can range from 4 to 12.

They will all be white, and will vary in size, and personality.


Each of the puppies is identified by a ribbon collar, that is donned when they are  born, so that we can keep track of each puppy’s weight, eating habits, health, and personality.

I will take pictures of them all and text them to you throughout their development, and will send you weekly updates.


At 4 weeks old, they move into a bigger puppy area in our living room/dining room. They have outings each day in one of our large fenced in areas outside, where we play with them and watch them explore and romp.

We also start some basic training, including housebreaking.

Choosing your Puppy

You will be able to choose your puppy when they are 6 weeks old.

Your family will be invited for a private showing in our home, and you will be able to visit the whole litter, and play with the puppies that you are choosing from.  

We schedule our showings with “pick of the litter” first, and then in the order that the deposits were received.  
I can assist you, with  your choice,  by telling you all about each pup, but in the end it must always be a love match, and you will choose your own sweet baby, or sometimes they choose you! 

If you are unable to visit, we can do a video chat with the litter, or you may choose from clips and photos, with our input and descriptions of the puppies’ personalities.  We much prefer a visit to our home to choose your puppy, but can make exceptions when necessary.

Once your puppy is chosen, you may tell us your puppy’s name, so we can start using it, or of course you can just wait until you bring that sweet bundle home.

Going Home

Our adorable pups are loved, and played with, adored, and socialized, throughout their young lives with us, and at 8 weeks are ready to go to their forever homes.

You may schedule a time to come pick them up, or we can deliver your puppy.

The delivery cost is based on the distance, which cannot exceed 100 miles from Warner, New Hampshire. We do not ship or fly our puppies.

Each puppy will have been examined by our wonderful veterinarian, and will come with a health certificate, and first shots.

We will also give you their AKC paperwork, and our Health Guarantee, covering hips, elbows, eyes, heart, and all genetic issues, so that you can rest assured that your beautiful English Cream Golden Retriever will be a healthy member of your family.

Your puppy will also go home with a snuggly blankie that has been rubbed on all of the siblings and their mother, to comfort them during this big transition into your family.

In their Forever Home

In my weekly updates, there will be information on homecoming, housebreaking, feeding, training, supplies, etc.

I am always available for questions or concerns, by phone or email, before and after you bring home your beautiful puppy.

We also board our past puppies for families going on vacation, and we love it when they come back for a visit!

I’m always happy to hear from our puppy parents!