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Who We Are, Who Our Dogs Are, and Our Breeding Philosophy

We are a small breeder, nestled in the sleepy town of Warner, New Hampshire. 

We live and breed our white English Cream Golden Retrievers  in a log cabin, on 10 country acres. We have a brook and beaver pond on our property, where our dogs romp and play. When they are not outside, running around  in our giant fenced in areas of fields and woods, they rest at our feet, or nap by the fireplace. They play in our NH snow in the winter and beautiful lakes in the summer. (The background picture is a lake on the Adirondacks that the dogs visit every summer.)

Besides our dogs, we have always had a house full of children and animals. 

We have bred doves, raised cats and rabbits, boarded dogs, and we even bottle fed three orphaned lambs in our kitchen, until they were big enough to go back to their farm. We are surrounded by deer, bear, moose, raccoons, turtles, turkeys, beavers, and all the other wildlife that New Hampshire has to offer. Thus the name “The Ark”.

I have never bred more than one litter per year, even though I have been breeding wonderful dogs for over 30 years.

We have bred American Goldens, Shepherds, and Labs, in the past, but have fallen head over heels in love with the English Cream Golden Retrievers, and have kept one of the puppies from last year’s litter, because the parents and puppies are so incredible! The same parents will have a litter this year!

English Cream Golden Retrievers are far less likely to get cancer, and have longer life spans than the American Golden Retriever. Europe has done a great job in preventing over breeding, and inbreeding,  and has kept the English Cream Goldens extremely healthy. We have included a page which compares the two.

They have the same wonderful personality as the American Golden, because they both are Golden Retrievers,  but strictly from my experience with both, I believe that the English Creams have an added quality of being extremely perceptive, and in sync with their owners. They respond to feelings which haven’t even been expressed, and are very intelligent, and devoted to their families, while still loving almost everyone they meet.

All of our dogs, past and present, are our beloved pets, part of our family, and a blessing to us. They live with us for their whole lives of course, and sleep on our beds and warm our hearts.

They all have impeccable pedigrees,  as well as generations of Champions, and OFA clearances throughout their backgrounds. They are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and have AKC Pedigrees.

They are fed the most nutritional dog foods,  with fresh chicken, cooked meats and vegetables, along with healthy treats including occasional sips of fresh milk from our neighboring dairy farmers. We have a wonderful veterinarian, and we keep them all in top condition and health.

Our dogs are happy, healthy, intelligent, loving, and beautiful. They are also great with children, devoted, funny, playful, and adoring.  And obviously they are adored right back.